IMB : Welcome booklet

Laboratory authentification

As soon as you arrive at the IMB, you must go to Office 226 (2nd floor) where you will be given an envelope containing your office key, an “information and loan form” to be completed and you will be taken to your physical office where you will find a fixed computer and your connection identifiers to the IMB’s private network under envelope.

University authentification

As soon as you are installed in the office, use the available computer and quickly connect to your personal email address in order to validate your computer account and to access the University’s digital resources.
The procedure for accessing the University’s digital resources:

  1. Your email account (nom.pré is already created. You will receive by internal mail in your locker (2nd floor, room 218), your email login and password.
    • This email address is the key to accessing the digital services of the University of Burgundy:;
    • To get your login and initialize your password, you must follow the activation procedure of your account, available at this address :
  2. Your email account is not yet created :
    • You will receive an invitation by email inviting you to create your computer account using the personal email address provided during your administrative registration. This invitation will take the form of the example email below .

*Exemple : « A la demande de M. Francis Leger (Institut de Mathématiques de Bourgogne (UMR IMB) - Université de Bourgogne), la création de votre compte informatique a été réalisée afin de vous permettre d’accéder aux ressources numériques de l’Université.
Pour prendre connaissance de votre identifiant et initialiser votre mot de passe, vous devez suivre la procédure d’activation de votre compte, disponible à cette adresse : -> Onglet “Mon compte” -> “Accéder à SESAME”
La Direction du Numérique de l’Université. »

Authentication to MATHRICE digital services (PLM)

Mathrice is a Groupement De Services du CNRS (GDS) which provides digital services for mathematical research. These numerical services called “Plate-forme en ligne pour les Mathématiques” (PLM) will be accessible to you first as a guest after receiving an invitation email valid for 72 hours and written “[PLM] Request for invitation to join the PLM” sent by your Mathrice correspondent (F.LEGER) or your thesis supervisor.
As soon as you accept the invitation, you will be registered as an IMB member and you will have access to all PLM services:

This digital platform (PLM) provided by the CNRS is also accessible through your account. You just have to select “Connect with the RENATER Federation”.

WIFI in university

What are the wifi networks available at the uB?

Installation and Configuration of Network Printers

Using your personal laptop to print is not recommended but possible. You must follow the following procedure:

  1. Connect to the uB wifi;
  2. Install a printer on your computer*.
Printer model ip address Guest office
TOSHIBA 2518A - Etage 2 Office secretariat IMB 227
TOSHIBA 2518A - Etage 3 Library IMB 302
Lexmark M1145 - Etage 4 Office 417 413



Procedure to reserve the room:

Secure clouds

Using your @u-bourgogne computer account, use the secure clouds and share files (read and write), offer files for download and receive files (whatever their size) with all IMB members.
It is recommended to install and use these tools on your personal laptop and synchronize your files with a fixed computer, a tablet and a smartphone.

Service web server Software Storage Comments
PLMBOX Seafile 50 Go Edit word, excel or powerpoint files from your web browser
Cloud uB Nexcloud 20 - 100 Go
OdsMycore OwnCloud 100 Go


Online editing, sharing and development tools to be used in collaboration with the whole French mathematical community and your foreign collaborators.
Ces outils sont regroupés sur les sites suivants :

Find information and translation in English on the IMB service catalog.


The Computing Center provides researchers, teachers and professors with computing resources: 1 cluster for intensive digital computing with a fast InfiniBand network, high-performance data storage/backup, scientific and office automation software, and database systems.

Request to open or extend a computing account

Procedure to follow : See the website of the CCUB and the tab " Infos Pratiques " or directly here;